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IXI Capital Holding BC Ltd 
is Proud to announce Issuance 
of ETF of Metals 
in CryptoCurrency Token


IXI Capital Holding BC Ltd 

Platinum Group of Metals, every single IXIGOLD purchase is fully backed by Gold Claim called New Castle Mine in Lincoln county, Nevada

The valuation of the assets in ground exceeds $302 Billion based on 43101 report that has been prepared by Licenced Geologist and all the ownership belongs to IXI capital Holding BC Ltd

Further more we will pay 10% Per annum in IXI token to all token holders by ERC20 System for 10 Years in a Row, this is High Producing Mine.

Files to download

Listing Tokens are selling at 
Exchanges below,

Compliance Contact  Mr. Ali Reza whatsapp: +33 621 13 1050
General Manager Whatsapp: Mr. Osric Dixon +1 (408)  393 0243



Issuance of ERC20 
Total Issuance:: 10 Billion 
Value at Opening $1 USD 
Interest: 10% Per annum 10 Years thereafter everGreen Token 


Listing: Mandala Exchange to be listed next 60 Days one of world top exchanges with high Liquidity
And part of Binance Exchange which is the one of the Biggest exchanges in crypto currency in the World. All our accounting will be done on a Yearly basis and accountant KPMG.
This Token will follow all rules and regulations per standard practices.
Tokens are issued under the laws of Hong Kong 

Video link:

WSB Trade Limited 
Prosperous Building 48-52 Des Voeux Road Central  Suite 502 Central Hong Kong REG; 2090579

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